Women Peacemakers March 14


Ellen ROBINSON born Liverpool 1840 (d. 1912). English Quaker school mistress, leading British peace activist who opposed Boer War and British imperialism.

Ivana JANŮ born Plazy, Czechoslovakia 1946. International lawyer, Appointed Judge of Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal 2001-2004; Head of Czech delegation to Council of Europe 1992; Judge of European Court of Human Rights 2004.

Sharon A. WILLIAMS born Cardiff, Wales 1951. Professor of International Law. Canadian Judge of Permanent Court of Arbitration 1991-7; Judge Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal 1991-3.


1664: Margaret Fell, mother of early Society of Friends, went to prison for first of four times, this time for four years in Lancaster Castle. Quote: “we are a people that follow after those things that make for peace, love and unity”.

1917: 1000 women picketed White House in suffrage protest.

1983: Marianella Garcia-Villas assassinated El Salvador for her investigation of human rights violations.

2003: Cathy Hoffman arrested for Iraq War protest at Boston Federal Building.


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