Women Peacemakers March 15


Lida Gustava HEYMANN born Hamburg 1868 (d. 1943). German radical feminist-pacifist, co-founder of WILPF; co-founder of first German feminist society 1902 with her partner Anita Augspurg. “Ein Europa mit Frauenwahlrecht wäre keinem Weltkrieg zum Opfer gefallen” Quote: “A Europe with women’s suffrage would not have become victim of a World War.” (correct my translation). “Never again bring children into the world unless men promise they will not be used as cannon fodder” (Munich Sept. 1916 per Doty 153).

Gertrud (Hohl) KURZ born Lűtzenberg, Switzerland 1890 (d. 1972). “Mother of Refugees”, Heroine of the Holocaust, founder and leader of Swiss refugee relief in World War II; leader in Youth Action for Peace and Christian Peace Corps. Nominee for Nobel Peace Prize 1961, 1962; won Albert Schweitzer Prize 1965.

Frances (Hyde) CROWE born Carthage MO 1919 (still going strong at 91). Quaker opponent of nuclear weapons, Vietnam War and Iraq War. Founder of Traprock Peace Center 1979; arrested 17+ times for nonviolent protests, including 30 days for Electric Boat protest 1984. Current mantra: “Does your lifestyle demand war?”


1869: First federal women’s suffrage amendment ever introduced in U.S. Congress by Quaker George Julian.


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