Katharine Fredrica LENROOT born Superior, WI 1891 (d. 1982). Internationalist child welfare expert; head of US Children’s Bureau; adviser to League of Nations on white slave traffic; aided European children in WWII, founding UNICEF 1946, President of 8th Pan-American Children’s Conference 1942; International Youth Charter. “We cannot put aside until after the war our concern for children…Ours is the twofold task of assuring a future for our children and rearing children fit for a future which shall be built upon foundations of justice, security and mercy for all. (2 May 1942, 8th Pan-Am. Child Congress).

Rev. Addie L. (Cameron) WYATT born Brookhaven MS 1924. Labor leader who worked with M.L. King.


1908: Suffragist Protest New York City marked first celebration on March 8.

1910: “We Choose Life…Not Death” Socialist Declaration by Clara Zetkin.

1913: European Women rally for peace.

1917: Russian women strike for “Bread and Peace” sparked the Russian Revolution.

1918: 3,000 Women demanded Peace, Vienna.

1946: First American celebration of International Women’s Day, by Congress of American Women, New York City.

1965: Soviet Union made this a public holiday.

1975: United Nations first sponsored the annual event.

1979: 15,000 Iranian Women occupied Palace of Justice, Tehran.

1981: 3,000 Women staged Die-In against missles at NATO’s Ramstein airbase

1982: WILPF’s STAR CAMPAIGN began to protest the Arms Race;
General Strike in France led by Movement de Liberation des Femmes.

1983: One Million Signatures for peace presented to NATO by WILPF by 10,000 women.
Italian Women blockaded Comiso Base in nonviolent protest.
Angolan “Women Demand Peace”, Luanda.

1984: British Women passed out “Peace Pies” at Bank of England, London.
Peruvian Women demonstrated against all violence.
150 Women picketed Presidio San Francisco.
1985: European women circulate petition for denuclearization.

1986: Asia Pacific Forum on Women founded.

1989: 400 Women erect Peace Tent, Tel Aviv.

1997: Women’s Peace Petition to spend 5% of military budget on health, education & jobs.
2003: 25 Code Pink Women arrested at White House in protest against Iraq War.

2007: 539 Women’s Events around the world.


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