Floss Rapp, Historian

Floss Rapp 1917

courtesy Rosemary & Keith Rapp



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One Response to “Floss Rapp, Historian”

  1. Chris Rapp Says:

    HI Jim,
    I enjoyed the Post Office history. Especially in light of the political mood of the season. You could certainly continue on with the years that followed, as the post office moved from place to place over time and under many long time “masters” and “mistresses”. Especially of interest to newer Cotuit residents might be how it came to be at its current location, the land swap that was required with the town to make that happen, how the funds to purchase the land and the building were raised, and the village men that pulled it all together. Keith Rapp can give you some good background on this. Floss Rapp’s 2nd husband Lawrence Shaw was the treasurer of the funding organization’s bond drive (the church). I remember getting my dividend check every year until it was paid off. I was always amazed as a little boy at how deeply worn the hardwood floor was in front of the sevice window at the Sears building location when I would stand in the depressions to ask for Floss’ mail.
    Chris Rapp

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