The Fuller family 1892

The Fuller family 1892


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  1. Joe hamblin Says:

    dear Mr. Gould, My name is Joseph Hamblin I have been reading your blogs for about a year now and i find them very fascinating. As a very young child i have been interested in history of the cape cod area and more of the marstons mills area. Growing up in Marstons Mills (Newtown) ,listening to story’s that my uncles, grandfather and cousins would tell about the area has made me want to learn about more of the history and this blog about the fullers farm is great. If you have any more info/pictures of my family or the Mills, Newtown, plains area you could share with me would be appreciated. Thank You.

    • jimcotuit Says:

      dear Joe, Thanks for your appreciation of Marstons Mills history. There will be a lot about Newtown and the Hamblin family in our Images of America book “Marstons Mills” when it comes out April 1. Copies will be available at MMills Historical Society. If yuo have specific questions please call me at 428-8267

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