BARNSTABLE WOMEN Part II Late Nineteenth Century

BARNSTABLE WOMEN PART II: late Nineteenth Century.

Lucretia Crocker 1829-1886 Born in West Barnstable, she was the first woman supervisor of the Boston Public Schools 1876, famous for pioneering the discovery method of teaching mathematics and the natural sciences; professor of mathematics and astronomy Antioch College 1857-9;  long bio in Boston Women’s Heritage.

Maria L. Bearse  1829-1913 T 318 went across US to join husband Allen Bearse’s ship     Radiant for Japan.
Sarah L. Lothrop 1830-89. T 318 At sea on husband Sylvester’s Rambler.
Abbie Lewis Baker 1830-77 T 319 At sea w/ husband Elnathan.
Susan Crowell 1831-1908 T 315 H 79. At sea w/ husband Elkanah III, on near-clipper Air Wind 1300 tons to China; record sail SF-Honolulu; child born at sea..
Ellen Bursley  1831-95 T 315 Hyannis wife of deepwater Capt. Francis A. Bursley—at sea
Mary “Sam” Hallett 1834-1900 T 317 H  122 Hyannis to sea w/ deepwater Capt. Samuel—rounded both capes; Turkish rug.
Arabella Crowell 1835-1903 T 320 went South with steamer Capt. Sidney Crowell, took 2 daughters to school there.


Elizabeth Gilbert Lowell (Jones) c. 1839-1904 daughter of founder of New York Times, married 1877 historian Edward Jackson Lowell.  She raised the three children of his first wife: Alice 9, later wife of Prof. James H. Ropes, the famous architect Guy 7, and impressionist artist Frederick 3. They summered in Cotuit, first at the Andrew Lovell (Dr. Putnam) house, then 1893 in the Ebenezer Crocker (Hooper) house.  In 1906 her heirs  donated to the town of Barnstable the land and building of the Elizabeth Lowell High School.


Lucy Gibbons Morse 1839-1936 daughter of famous Quaker prison reformer Abbie Hopper Gibbons who often visited her daughter in Cotuit; Lucy founded Cotuit Library 1885. Noted for her cutout silhouettes, which decorated the Harvard dorms.


Eleanor Knowles Thacher 1839-1913 T 318 went on 2 clipper trips on Chariot of Fame with father Allen Knowles.
Mary L. Peak 1839-1918 T 319 many trips w/ husband deepwater (to Mediterranean) Capt. Samuel on brig William Robinson.
Josephine Crowell Wilcox 1839-1917 T 322 storm off Texas with father SS Capt. Abner Crowell of Merchants & Miners Line.
Juliet A. Hallett Lewis 1840-1917 T 317 H135 to sea w/ Capt. Wm. Penn Lewis on Hooghly 105  days from Singapore-Boston 1888. 3x Cape/ Hope; Hurricane.
Lydia Goodspeed Landers 1841-1921. Cotuit petticoat sailor, born Little River, whaling wife of  Capt. Landers, master of today’s  oldest wooden ship, Charles W. Morgan. Since the ship’s owners opposed taking women aboard, she traveled 5000 miles on steamships from NY, Panama, Acapulco, San Francisco to join his ship in Honolulu 1865, at an estimated cost of $425.  For her comfort on board her husband made her a gimbel bed to relieve seasickness, and gamming chair to visit women on other ships.  Her son Arthur was born Guam 1865.


Amelia Parker 1841-88 T 322 trip with SS captain Josiah of Merchant & Miners Line.
Mary “Edwin” Baxter 1842-1939 T 320 to sea with father Capt. Edwin Baxter.
Lucie Stone Crocker 1842-1900 H 74. To sea w/ husband Alexander Crocker, to Zanzibar & Madagascar?

Marian “Clover” Hooper Adams 1843 – 1885 Niece of Samuel Hooper at whose home in Cotuit she grew up, and honeymooned there with her husband Henry James; she was a pioneer woman photographer, novelist; remembered in famous statue of grief by the sculptor St. Gaudens.



Josephine Crowell Frost Howe  ?1843-1913?  T 316 honeymoon to China 1876 w/ deepwater Capt. Wallace W.. Not sure of her dates.
Elizabeth Ann Baxter 1844-1923 T 312, H 33.  2 children born en route to Burma on ship John N. Cushing: Annie Malacca Baxter 1873 and Davis Baxter; daughter born Bombay; mutiny. piano; Capt. Ezekiel Baker’s mongoose.
Imogene Peak Crocker 1846-1900 T 314 born Pt. Gammon lighthouse; at sea w/ husband Capt. William Crocker, incl. Surinam.
Caroline “Carrie” Frost 1846-1906 T 316 wife of coasting Capt. George, Hyannisport.
Caroline E. Bassett 1846-1915 T 320 took 3 sons on trip to S. America w/ husband coaster Capt. Ferdinand Bassett.
Anna Howard  Shaw 1847-1919 National leader of women’s suffrage movement; Methodist minister; medical doctor; born in England, raised in Michigan log cabin; came to Cape Cod 1876 as substitute minister; 7 years minister E. Dennis 1878-85, also in Dennis; bought land Wianno Beach in Osterville 1892, built cottage “The Haven” on Seaview Av. where women scandalously bathed in men’s bathing suits; gave the house 1916 to her lifelong partner Lucy Anthony, niece of Susan B.  Died campaigning for League of Nations with Cotuit neighbor Harvard president Lowell and former President Taft.

Photo Iowa State U.
Elizabeth Buffum Chace 1847-1929 Osterville suffragist leader.
Adeline S. Brown 1847-1909. T 319 15 coaster trips with ice from Maine to W. Indies w/ husband Allen H. Brown.
Emma Coleman 1848-1922 T 322 went with Metropolitan Line steamer husband Capt. Albert with 2 daughters, Lizzie Esther 1888-1953..
Ida Pitcher Frost 1849-1921 T 316.  Wife of Capt. John H. Frost, Capt. of Conqueror & clipper Agenor; she  went to SF to sail to China & Japan—not sure what ship; adopted dau. of Dr. Pitcher of Castoria medicine.
Sylvia Baxter Crowell Allyn 1850-1923   T 308-9, H 9  6 trips around the world, ending in wreck of the Titan in hurricane off Yucatan; rescue by rope to Norwegian ship 1894; husband Capt. H. Howard Allyn.
Sallie Crowell Bassett 1851- 1945 T 320 Last of the seahens, to sea with father deepwater Capt. Abner Crowell and husband coaster Capt. Jacob P. H. Bassett.
Mary Elizabeth Donnell Case 1855-1921 T 320 Munching drawer on Independent, husband coaster Capt. Willis L. Case.
Fostina Bassett Baker 1857-1943 T 319.  Next to last  of the seahens: wife of Capt. Eleazer Baker of SS General Whitney and H.F.Dimmock; storm on SS Glaucus.

NEXT: Barnstable Women: Part III Early Twentieth Century


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