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March 7, 2011


Katharine Fredrica LENROOT born Superior, WI 1891 (d. 1982). Internationalist child welfare expert; head of US Children’s Bureau; adviser to League of Nations on white slave traffic; aided European children in WWII, founding UNICEF 1946, President of 8th Pan-American Children’s Conference 1942; International Youth Charter. “We cannot put aside until after the war our concern for children…Ours is the twofold task of assuring a future for our children and rearing children fit for a future which shall be built upon foundations of justice, security and mercy for all. (2 May 1942, 8th Pan-Am. Child Congress).

Rev. Addie L. (Cameron) WYATT born Brookhaven MS 1924. Labor leader who worked with M.L. King.


1908: Suffragist Protest New York City marked first celebration on March 8.

1910: “We Choose Life…Not Death” Socialist Declaration by Clara Zetkin.

1913: European Women rally for peace.

1917: Russian women strike for “Bread and Peace” sparked the Russian Revolution.

1918: 3,000 Women demanded Peace, Vienna.

1946: First American celebration of International Women’s Day, by Congress of American Women, New York City.

1965: Soviet Union made this a public holiday.

1975: United Nations first sponsored the annual event.

1979: 15,000 Iranian Women occupied Palace of Justice, Tehran.

1981: 3,000 Women staged Die-In against missles at NATO’s Ramstein airbase

1982: WILPF’s STAR CAMPAIGN began to protest the Arms Race;
General Strike in France led by Movement de Liberation des Femmes.

1983: One Million Signatures for peace presented to NATO by WILPF by 10,000 women.
Italian Women blockaded Comiso Base in nonviolent protest.
Angolan “Women Demand Peace”, Luanda.

1984: British Women passed out “Peace Pies” at Bank of England, London.
Peruvian Women demonstrated against all violence.
150 Women picketed Presidio San Francisco.
1985: European women circulate petition for denuclearization.

1986: Asia Pacific Forum on Women founded.

1989: 400 Women erect Peace Tent, Tel Aviv.

1997: Women’s Peace Petition to spend 5% of military budget on health, education & jobs.
2003: 25 Code Pink Women arrested at White House in protest against Iraq War.

2007: 539 Women’s Events around the world.


Women Peacemakers born Feb 5-11

February 5, 2011




Frantiŝka PLAMÍNKOVÁ born Prague 1872 (executed 1942). Teacher, Senator, feminist leader, WILPF; delegate to League of Nations 1931; jailed 1939, 1942; executed by firing squad without trial. “I am firmly convinced that the truth will, after all, prevail even against the military superiority.” (Letter to Hitler 1938, Czech Dialog 3-4 2007).


Hanna NEWCOMBE born Prague 1922. Canadian Quaker chemist who founded Peace Research Institute 1961. Pearson Peace Medal 1997. Canadian delegate to UN, board member of UN University Tokyo. Quote: “I believe in nonviolence under most conditions but I can think of exceptions… humanitarian intervention — the “Responsibility to Protect.”


Katharine “Kitty”ARNETT born 1894. Leader of WILPF 1954


Lucy WRIGHT born Pittfield MA 1760 (d. 1821). Shaker leader 1796.



    1932: Petition for Nonviolence presented to World Disarmament Conference Geneva by Women’s Peace Union and Total Disarmament Now Committee (Alonso 137).


    1948: UN Women’s Guild founded.

    250 AD St. Agatha of Catania martyred; Sicilian noblewoman resisted assault in brothel.





Florence Hope LUSCOMB born Lowell MA 1887 (d. 1985). MIT architect, suffragist, leader of WILPF, ran for Congress opposing Truman’s anti-communism, anti-McCarthy, anti-nuclear war, anti-Vietnam War. Called herself “Citizen of the World”.




1930: Gauntlett Tsune presented 750,000 Japanese womens’ peace petition to London disarmament conference.


1932: Six million women’s petition to League of Nations Disarmament Conference 1932 Geneva, by WILPF ; Half a million presented to President Hoover in DC.


1996: Angie Zetter arrested for trying to damage Indonesian air force plane at British aerospace factory Lancashire.


2000: Tarja Halonen elected President of Finland; Quote: “Human rights belong to everybody – men and women, boys and girls. Nevertheless, our sisters throughout the world often have to face difficult problems in conditions of extreme insecurity. In many places, the violence experienced by women and girls in war and other conflicts is becoming increasingly serious.” (6 June 2007)


2006: Rosalind Higgins elected first woman president of World Court.





Catharine de BOURBON born Paris 1559 (d. 1604). Peace Queen


Laura Ingalls WILDER born Pepin WI 1867 (d. 1957). American author. Quote: “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love…live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge.” (Comments on Romans XII in Wilder’s Bible).


Maria (Hilgers) DIETZ born Düsseldorf 1894 (d. 1980). Pacifist member of postwar German parliament who worked to ban war toys, and promote international understanding.




1983: Greenham Women invaded base to protest visit of Defence Minister Heseltine.


1989: South African Women Against War opposed military service.


1993: Women’s Tribunal against Rape in War met Zagreb.






Peggy DUFF (born Margaret Doreen Eames) b. Middlesex, England 1910 (d. 1981). Peace organizer of postwar relief Save Europe Now; Organizer and First Chairman of CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) 1958-1967. Organized Aldermaston Marches. Opposed Vietnam War and Greek generals. “one of the people who really changed modern history” (N. Chomsky).




1932: Dorothy Detzer of WILPF got pacifist Republican senator Nye to investigate arms sales as cause of World War I (Alonso 123).


1980: NOW opposed Draft: “Our long standing position against violence combined with our determination to end discrimination makes us unable to support registration.” (E.S meal).


2003: 700+ Australian women nude protest against Vietnam War at Byrra Bay (Sydney) forming a big heart enclosing “NO WAR”.





Dr. Aletta Henriëtte JACOBS born Sappemeer, Netherlands 1854 (d. 1929). First Dutch woman doctor, militant pacifist who was founder and hostess to WILPF at Hague 1915. Quote: “Yes, the women will do it. They don’t feel as men do about war. Men think of the economic results; women think of the grief and pain, and the damage to the race. If we can bring women to feel that internationalism is higher than nationalism, then they won’t stand by governments, they’ll stand by humanity.” (1915 in Foster 16-17).


Betsy Mix COWLES born Bristol CT 1810 (d. 1876). Leading abolitionist and suffragist educator called “the Maria Chapman of the West”.


Alice WALKER born Eatonton GA 1944. Pulitzer prize author inspired to work for Mississippi voter registration by Fannie Hamer and Rosa Park. Quote: “The quietly pacifist peaceful always die to make room for men who shout”. “The most important question in the world is, ‘Why is the child crying?”


Carla DEL PONTE born Lugano, Switzerland 1947. First international Prosecutor of war crimes in Balkans and Rwanda 1999. Quote: “there can be no lasting peace in a society unless the criminal justice system is allowed to take its course.




1915 World Union of Women for International Concord founded Geneva.


1919 Suffragists burned effigy of Pres. Wilson in Lafayette Park, opposite White House.


1991: Women Against the War in the Gulf rallied London with motto: “Stop the War: International Sisterhood.


2003: Anna Smedema arrested Volkel Netherlands for hammering US satellite dishes used for Iraq War.





Phebe Anna THORNE born Millbrook NY 1828 (d. 1909). New York City Quaker philanthropist. First directress of Friends Employment Society to provide work for poor 1902.


Frances Moore LAPPÉ born Pendleton OR 1945. Graduate of Quaker Earlham College. Best seller Diet for a Small Planet 1971; Right Livelihood Award 1987. Quote: “What an extraordinary time to be alive. We’re the first people on our planet to have real choice: We can choose death; or we can choose life.” (Robert Shetterly, Americans Who Tell The Truth.)

Louise ARBOUR born Montreal 1946. Canadian Chief Prosecutor of International crimes in Bosnia and Rwanda 1996. Canadian Supreme Court Justice. UN Commissioner for Human Rights 2004. Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2005. Quote: “Human rights are not a utopian ideal. They embody an international consensus on the minimum conditions for a life of dignity.” (14 Jan. 2005 Geneva).


Gael MURPHY born Paris 1954. Co-founder and international coordinator of Code Pink opposing Iraq War 2002. Former Foreign Service Officer. Quote: “We are starting this campaign of ‘extralegal lobbying’–nonviolent civil disobedience–at the offices of our Representatives and Senators who refuse to publicly pledge their vote against Bush’s request for an additional $100 billion for the war.




704 AD: St. Austreberta threatened with a sword, bared her neck and stopped the assault. French Benedictine abbess born 630 Therouanne, Artois.


1947: UN Commission on Status of Women met for first time.


1974: Chicanas won Strike/Boycott of two years against Farah Textiles.





Lydia Maria (Francis) CHILD born Medford MA 1802 (d. 1880). Nonviolent abolitionist and transcendentalist, co-founder of world’s first nonviolent society 1838. Author, poet and editor, called “First Lady of the Republic”. Quote: “The cure for all the ills and wrongs, the cares, the sorrows, and the crimes of humanity, all lie in the one word ‘love’. It is the divine vitality that everywhere produces and restores life.”


Dr. Anna Howard SHAW born Newcastle-on-Tyne 1847 (d. 1919). Cape Cod minister, national suffrage leader and internationalist who died while lecturing in favor of League of Nations. Women’s Hall of Fame. Quote: preparedness for war is an incentive to war, and the only hope of permanent peace is the systematic and scientific disarmament of all the nations of the world (21 June 1915).


Flo(rynce) KENNEDY born Kansas City 1917 (d. 2000). Black radical feminist, opposed Gulf War.


Nancy Savage COYLE born 1932. Indiana peace activist (WRL cal 1991 15 Apr).


Sheryl CROW born Kennett MO 1962. Blues rock singer and guitarist, opposed to nuclear weapons, World Food Ambassador. Opposed Iraq War before the start. Quote: “war is based on greed and there will be huge karmic retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies” (Los Angeles 14 Jan. 2003).




1911: Emma Goldman arrested New York City for speeches on birth control.


March 26, 2010

Olive SCHREINER born Wittebergen, South Africa 1855 (d. 1920). “Citizen of the World” Nonviolent writer who opposed Rhodes, prophesied and opposed Boer War and World War I. Environmentalist, close friend of Gandhi. Quote: “On that day, when the woman takes her place beside the man in the governance and arrangement of external affairs of her race will also be the day that heralds the death of war as a means of arranging human differences.” (Woman & Labor).

Agnes MCPHAIL born Proton, Ontario 1890 (d. 1954). Journalist and pacifist politician. First Canadian woman member of Parliament 1921-40, and first woman member of League of Nations Disarmament Committee 1929. Opposed draft in World War I. Quote: “Never Retreat, Never Explain, Never Apologize”.

Dorothy Irene HEIGHT born Richmond VA 1912. African-American civil rights leader with Martin L. King; 40 years president of National Council of Negro Women 1957-98. International work in India and South Africa. Quote: “As more women enter public life, I see developing a more humane society.”

Dorothy Marie HENNESSEY born 1913. Franciscan nun arrested at Nevada Test Site in protest against nuclear weapons; banned from Omaha Strategic Air Command base. Walked across US to protest Cold War. Marched for civil rights and helped Cesar Chavez. She and her sister Gwen sentenced to 6 months for protest at School of Americas 2001 (age 88). Quote: I feel that it’s our duty. We can’t protest everything, but we can pick out some of the worst things to protest, and that’s what I’ve tried to do.” (20 July 2001).

Betty BURKES born 1942. Teacher of peace and nonviolence. Chair of American WILPF. Peace Corps Volunteer Ethiopia. Quote:”Love is a great teacher” (2007). “If we don’t address what’s in other people’s hearts and minds, if we don’t engage each other in a dialogue, then all the declarations on human rights will not matter…If we don’t address the things that separate us, we will not deliver what we’re after. What we’re really after is creating communities that sustain life and do not promote war and death.” (8 Dec. 2001).


1970: Jane Addams House, national headquarters of WILPF, Washington DC, burned down at peak of protest against Vietnam War in suspected arson.

2004: First “Peace Matters” lecture Cairo by Swanee Hunt, sponsored by Susanne Mubarak.


Matilda Joslyn GAGE born Cicero NY 1826 (d. 1898). Feminist and Suffragist leader and historian. Co-author with Anthony and Stanton of “Declaration of Rights” of women at Philadelphia bicentennial. Organized International Council of Women 1888. Quote: “There is a word sweeter than Mother, Home, or Heaven; that word is Liberty.” (her gravestone).

Gloria STEINEM born Toledo 1934. Pacifist feminist editor, writer and nonviolent activist. Bowles Fellowship in India; founding editor Ms magazine 1972. Supported United Farm Workers. Opposed Vietnam War with tax resistance 1965. Active in Nuclear Freeze. Early (Sept. 24) opponent of Iraq War. Quote: “From pacifist to terrorist, each person condemns violence – and then adds one cherished case in which it may be justified.”

St. CATHERINE of Siena born Siena 1349. First Woman Diplomat, active peacemaker in Italian civil wars 1390, as Florentine envoy 1376, Papal diplomat 1378, Roman Republic 1380. Patroness of Europe. Quote: “not by the sword or by war or by violence” could good be achieved, but”`through peace”.

Karla SCHEFTER born Allenstein, E. Prussia 1942. Founder of hospital Chak-e-Wardak, Afghanistan 1989. One of 1000 women Nobel Prize nominees. Founded Committee for Promotion of Medical & Humanitarian Aid 1993. Quote: “Over every mountain there is a path.”


1638: Anne Hutchinson excommunicated Boston for independence of religious views.

1909: Start of Women’s Satyagraha in South Africa with establishment of Indian Women’s Association.

1915: Sisterhood of International Peace founded Melbourne by Eleanor May Moore.

1955: Start of Committee for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) with public notice of anti-nuclear campaign.

1965: Viola Liuzzo murdered in Selma civil rights campaign.


March 24, 2010


Florence Ellinwood ALLEN born Salt Lake City 1884 (d. 1966). International lawyer active in human rights and suffrage. First woman in the world to sit on a supreme court (Ohio) 1922. Peace activist. Quote: World War I never would have happened “if women of the world had had the vote for the twenty previous years.” (Tuve).

Mariana KATZAROVA born Prilep, Macedonia 1931. Bulgarian human rights leader, founder RAW in WAR (Reach All Women in War) 1960, 10 years Amnesty International researcher in Chechnya. “We owe it to the memory of Anya [Politkovskaya] to protect the very few who still speak out in Russia. No more – no less.” (RAW).

Ceija STOJKA born Kraubath, Austria 1933. Gypsy musician, painter and author, who writes on human rights and survival of concentration camps.

Valgerðour SVERRISÖTTIR born Eyjafjörður, Iceland 1950. Foreign Minister of Iceland 2006-7; contribution to UN Peacebuilding Fund 2006.


1911: Ethel Smyth’s anthem of suffragist movement “March of the Women” premiered Albert Hall, London.


March 23, 2010


Ewa ŁĘTOWSKA born Warsaw 1940. First Polish Parliamentary Human Rights Ombudsperson 1987-92; National Ombudsperson 1999-2002; named Woman of Europe 1993; Professor of Law and expert in Human Rights; International Commission of Jurists 1991; Judge of Constitutional Tribunal 2002.


1958: South African Women demonstrated against pass laws.

1965: Marjorie Sykes negotiated peace on Nagaland National Day.

1980: Denise Levertov speech to Anti-Draft Rally, Washington DC: “imagine love, imagine peace, imagine community…learn in time how to say no” (Candles from Babylon 1982).

WOMEN & PEACE March 21

March 23, 2010


Dr. Hannah GRUNWALD born Berlin 1900 (d. 1994). American psychoanalyst; Honorary Chair of Amnesty International 1978.


1980: Eco-Feminist Conference “Women & Life on Earth” Amherst MA, attended bby 550 women. “We have come because life on Earth and the Earth itself is in terrible danger…The world has to have a future. We intend—furiously and with some joy—to connect this assaulted planet to that future.” (Opening statement by Grace Paley and Ynestra King).

1982: 10,000 Women demonstrate at Greenham Common; 300 women blockaded base for 24 hours.

1994: Four Women arrested for cutting 700 meters of fence around Aldermaston depot.


March 22, 2010


Andrée CHÉDID born Cairo 1920. Lebanese-Egyptian poet and writer who condemned the stupidity of war (House without Roots). Quote: “I want to keep my eyes open to the suffering, the misery and the cruelty of the world; but also to its light and beauty”. (1998). In the spiral of ages
In the black winds of hatred
love is too light. (Ceremonial of Violence” 1976).

Pamela (Digby) Churchill HARRIMAN born Farnborough, England 1920 (d. 1997). First American woman Ambassador to France 1993; first woman diplomat to receive Legion of Honor.


2001: Susan B. Rodriguez sentenced to a year for using sledge on computer used for nuclear research, San Leandro.

2003 Three protests against Iraq War: Lillian Willoughby got one week for blocking Philadelphia courthouse; Rosemarie Jackowski arrested for blocking intersection Bennington VT; Three Code Pink women arrested at Senate Office Building.


March 20, 2010


Ellen Gates STARR born Laona IL 1859 (d. 1940). Artist, Social worker and Socialist labor organizer, partner and co-founder of Hull House with Jane Addams 1889; organizer of women’s strikes; arrested for picketing in waitress strike.


1911: First International Women’s Day celebrated by a million women in central Europe, following 1910 resolution of Socialist International.

1970: Nonviolent Sit-in at Ladies Home Journal, New York demanding feminist news.

1989: Women’s Walk Home Cyprus crosses Green Line in protest against partition.

1994: Steeplebush Gate at NATO spy base Menwith Hill, Yorkshire invaded by three women.

2003: Diplomat Ann Wright resigned at US Embassy Mongolia in protest against Iraq War.

2003: Tracee Parker and Ellen Barfield arrested at White House for bringing a photo of an Iraq family they had visited.


March 18, 2010


Christa (Ihlenfeld) WOLF born Landsberg a/d Warthe, Germany (now Poland) 1929. Leading German writer; philosopher feminist; Co-founder of International Culture of Peace 1988; Scholl Prize 1987; opposed Cold War and nuclear weapons. Quote: “You can tell when a war starts, but when does the prewar start?” (Cassandra).

Unita BLACKWELL born Lula MS 1933. Black civil rights leader. SNCC organizer; co-founder of Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party 1964; President US-Chinese Peoples Friendship Association 1976-83; MacArthur Genius grant 1992. Quote: The best teacher is to observe from other people and learn from other people. (Mike Garvey interview 21 April 1977).


1212 AD: Nonviolent St. Clare left home to take vow of poverty and found Second Order of St. Francis, at Portuincula.

1871: 1000 Parisian Women stopped violence of 88th Battalion to prevent firing on the National Guard.

1906: French suffragists occupied Musée Social, Paris.

2003: Elizabeth Wilmshurst resigned as legal adviser to British Foreign Office in protest against Iraq War. “unlawful use of force on such a scale amounts to the crime of aggression.”

WOMEN & PEACE March 17

March 18, 2010


Myrlie (Beasley) EVERS-Williams born Vicksburg MS 1933. Widow of civil rights leader Medgar Evers who was murdered in 1963; first full-time chair of NAACP 1995. Quote: “You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea.”

Cynthia MCKINNEY born Atlanta 1955. Five times elected to U.S. House of Representatives 1993-2003, 2005. PhD. Candidate Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy. Service on House International Affairs Committee promoted human rights; Early opposition to Iraq War. Quote: The American people are being called upon to send their young sons and daughters to go and kill young Iraqi sons and daughters. This war, like all wars, will be brutal and will leave many American and Iraqi families mourning the loss of their children. (22 Sept 2002).


1936: Women’s Peace Union’s constitutional amendment outlawing war came to both Senate and House judiciary committees.

1989: Sister Amparo Escobedo, treasurer of nonviolent Serpaj Peru killed in the Andes.

1997: 3000 Ethiopian women marched to improve job conditions.

2003: Nobel Prize winner Mairead Corrigan arrested in St. Patrick’s Day protest against Iraq War, NYCity.